What we provide as your host

✓ The setup is Cpanel
✓ PHP, Mysql And Databases
✓ FTP Access And Email Accounts
✓ Server Support

What we dont provide

NOTICE: At this tile SSH access is disabled
❌ Direct server access
❌ Sorry, but we dont provide Free .com or .net domains. But our domain choosable on final setup in email/Discord
❌ WebSite Building

Server Specs

Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v3 @ 2.40GHz Speed-Test unavaliable!

Pricing you may ask?

Absolutely free! The only way your paying is if you buy a domain for this service!

Gotten your interest?

Email: support@thehangouts.net
Application Status: Open


Q: I want my own domain! A: Buy it and change your DNS settings to ours
Q: Will I be guaranteed uptime? A: Yes, All of your services are monitored to guarantee uptime!
Q: I cant access my webpage! I get a 403! Q: Most of the time this is a permissions error! 1% Of the time this is the result of a page suspension!
Q: How do I edit my site? A: Contact the staff-member who issued your service!
For more FAQ visit here Visit the FAQ

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